Peter Klashorst

3-7 aPRIL


WED, THU, SA, SUN 14 .00- 20.00

FRI 14.00 -22.00

Come and discover the untamed spirit of Amsterdam-based artist Peter Klashorst, who paints, photographs, and sculpts as if his life depends on it. With over 1500 artworks per year, often more than 3 per day, his productivity is a true confrontation with mortality itself.

Klashorst, praised by friends as “the hardest working man in the art world,” unleashes his creativity across a multitude of media, from paintings to photographs, comics, sculptures, and watercolors. Each piece is a burst of life, an attempt to exorcise the world and lay bare our deepest emotions and fears.

In April, Klashorst will unveil his exhibition in Amsterdam, followed by two shows in Düsseldorf. Currently, he is working on an impressive series of sculptures in Bangkok, which will be displayed alongside his photos and paintings.

Despite his unrestrained expression, Klashorst is constantly banned from social media platforms, where political correctness and fear seem to have become the new norm. Museums and galleries shy away from his unabashed exploration of the darker sides of the world and the human psyche. He marvels at the objectification of the female body in service of our ruthless capitalist consumer society on one hand, and the subjectification of good taste and the lack of humor regarding gender differences and their associated rights on the other.

For Klashorst, art serves not only as decoration but as a mirror of our deepest emotions, madness, filth, and fears, and a revelation of the absurd reality of politics. Style and formal issues are increasingly sidelined as he focuses on provoking irritation and curiosity.

We invite you to come with an open mind and engage in discussion with the artist himself. Let yourself be inspired, provoked, and challenged by the fearless creativity of Peter Klashorst.

Vibrating art

11-14 APRIL

Interdisciplinary Artshow VIBRATING ART – Art – Livemusic – Performances – Panel Discussion – Workshop – Dance 

Amsterdam Artists show their Art at Vrijpsleis. Vibrant Stage Program for four days. DJ, Arthistorians, Poets, Performers invite the audience to dance, discus and feel ‘what is art’.

Thursday 16.00 – 20.00
Afterwards ONELINEDRAWING Workshop by Jana Mordhorst, 

Friday 12.00 – 22.00
Saturday 12.00 – 23.00
Sunday 12.00 – 21.00


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