The Veils

6-9 JUNE

The Veils by Islam Kant, 6-9 June 2024
OPENING with performance June 6, 18:00
FILM SCREENINGS June 7 and 8, 19:00

We are happy to invite you to Islam Kant’s solo show The Veils at Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam. The Veils is a series of paintings based on exploration of the spiritual practices of sufism. The starting points of artist’s research were the sufis concepts of ghayba and ḥuḍūr (absence and presence) and al-hijāb (the veil). Within abstract painting medium Islam Kant presents different levels of veils that stand in the way of discovering spiritual light.

The exhibition opening will take a form of a performative experience with music and movement.

On Friday June 7 we will show No nation without culture, a short documentary film by Vladlena Sandu
On Saturday June 8 we invite you to see Three Comrades, a documentary film by Masha Novikova

Other Photographic Matters

14-16 JUNE

Other Photographic Matters

Six visual artists explore the boundaries of photography at “Other Photographic Matters” in Vrij Paleis, June 14-16, Amsterdam.


Since 2018, the artist group “Other Photographic Matters” has been showcasing how they fuse photography with other art forms, conceptually as well as technically. Over the years, they have abandoned the traditional boundaries of photography to experience full creative freedom and express their work to an optimum.



Birgit Matschullat 

Els Kocken

Godelieve Krekelberg 

Jasmijn Duterloo

Jessica Scholtes

Matt de Groot

I am fake

22 - 29 june

The new collection at the Vrij Paleis offers a glimpse into FAKE’s world of creativity and expression. The works demonstrate how he uses his signature technique to explore modern themes and tell stories. With sharp lines and vibrant colors, FAKE creates artworks that are both visually captivating and thought-provoking.

You can see the past and upcoming events on our instagram page

The Veils